This page is dedicated to the review of top Crypto Exchanges, both international and available to US-only. This list includes KuCoin, Binance, Coinbase, BitFinex, Changelly and a few others.

KuCoin Crypto Exchange Review

signup to get kucoin bonus8 Key Differences between KuCoin and Other Top Crypto Exchanges.
KuCoin is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange founded in September 2017.

It offers trading services in a wide range of digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Solana, Matic and hundreds of others. The exchange boasts a variety of features such as a mobile app, margin trading, spot trading, and OTC trading.

While all top exchanges are similar in the high level of security and customer service, there are some key differences that make KuCoin stand out from the row of strong competitors.

Difference #1: KYC is Not Required!
One key difference between KuCoin and other top exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase is that KuCoin does not require users to undergo identity verification in order to trade. This makes it an attractive option for users who value privacy and want to trade without having to provide personal information. Sure, there are some restrictions for users without KYC – such as reduced daily withdrawal limit, and no ability to trade with futures, but for most part those restrictions are important for professional traders rather than average crypto fans.

Difference #2: Attractive Sign-up bonus.
During the sign-up process the user is presented with a mystery box holding various rewards and potentially the lucky winner can unwrap a gift worth up to 500 USDT.

Difference #3: Low Trading Fees and KCS Rewards.
KuCoin charges lower fees than many other exchanges, making it an economical choice for frequent traders. The fees could be reduced even further by purchasing KuCoin Shares (KCS). KCS is KuCoin’s own native token.

KCS holders receive discounts on trading fees and enjoy passive income in the form of a portion of the trading fees collected by the KuCoin exchange. Holding at least 6 KCS can get a daily KCS bonus from 50% of KuCoin daily revenue.

KuCoin plans to use part of its trading fee revenue to buy back and burn KCS, which should increase the value of remaining KCS tokens.

Difference #4: Grid Bots and DCA bots.
KuCoin has introduced the ability for users to set up AI bots right on the platform! Previously, you had to use separate programs to set up such bots. While Grid Bots are for experienced users, DCA bot is a beginner-friendly option that allows even novice crypto enthusiasts to set up Dollar Cost Average investment options for the cryptos of their choice. This is especially important now when the entire crypto market is in the down cycle, so buying crypto using DCA strategies could bring sizable return.

Difference #5: KuCoin Earn.
KuCoin offers a convenient option to stake the crypto that you are not currently actively using in your trades. Rates vary based on the crypto and available promotions and could range from 3.5% APY to 40%.
So, you can earn not only on active trades, but on your remaining balance as well.

Difference #6: Earn Money with NFTs
Kucoin provides access to several promising NFT trading platforms, such as Windwane, Wonderland, and Fractional NFTs.

Out of the three, Fractional NFTs seems to be the most interesting one, because it allows you to own the fraction of the blue-chip NFTs, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, which is very expensive to buy as a whole NFT.

Difference #7: Funding Arbitrage
This is a very interesting feature of funding rate mechanism that provides the opportunity of daily earnings with low risk. However, this is advanced strategy, and before applying it, you need to learn how to use it properly. In a nutshell, you earn funding fees as long as you hold a short position in the Futures market with a buy order of the same value in the Spot market. The funding fee arbitrage is suitable for traders who want to diversify their investments and seek for a long-term steady growth.

Diffrence #8: Kucoin Win

KuCoin also has a built-in fun element KuCoin Win which allows you to bet 10 USDT and win some impressive prizes. I am not listing KuCoin Win as a separate feature in this article because previous features provided the ability to earn money without any guess work, and here some gambling is involved.

All in all, KuCoin has much more to offer than just a trading environment, and that’s why its popularity increases day by day.

That’s also the reason why KCS skyrocketed in value and could be a worthy option to consider for long term crypto investors.

If you are not using KuCoin just yet, sign up right now to try your luck in the mystery box reward!

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