The Crypto investment strategy is not a gambling (or at least it should not be).
However, most people think getting your share of profits in crypto basically is just a gambling.
You pick a coin, buy and hold (or HODL), and hope the price goes up.

In this case, you’re literally betting on the price of your crypto going up.
If you’re right, great! If you’re wrong, the loss could be very painful… That “strategy” has turned a lot of people into losers this year.

I am using quotation marks here, because I don’t think the term “strategy” could be applied to that kind of approach at all.
Today, let’s look at completely different approach, the one that indeed could be called “crypto investment strategy”.

If you:

  • own cryptocurrency…
  • … are thinking about buying cryptocurrency in the future…
  • … OR simply want to understand cryptocurrency (and how to earn from it in a new way… one that can work even when the market is DOWN) …

Then you’ll want to check out Free Live Webinar where Dan Hollings, crypto expert and entrepreneur is going to share how it’s possible to generate astounding passive income by following his methods.
Dan Hollings has perfected a new crypto strategy that he’s coined “wiggle profits”.

  • He’s used this system to make over 3 million in net returns with cryptocurrency over the last 3 years or so…
  • It DOESN’T involve “buying low & selling high”. In fact, it can even work if the market is going UP or DOWN. It works either way…
  • He’s taught this system to others and his first group of students achieved a 100% success rate …
  • He’s broken this system down into very simple steps, for veterans OR complete beginners to learn…

While many of crypto and gold investment programs we review are limited to US only (not our choice, it’s just the way the financial markets work), this program is available to the majority of countries. They currently have people from over 30 different countries using the program right now. If you are allowed to trade cryptocurrency in your country, then you can do this.

Dan describes what he’s doing as a “safer” approach for crypto investing.

Yes, if prices go down, any money you have in the coin at the moment is worth less. And if you sell at that point, you can lose money.

But you can use “wiggles” in the market —which is just a fancy term for daily up and down price movement — to also be generating consistent income from the market- by using proprietary crypto micro trades.

Dan is sharing how the price of a coin can go down, and he can (and often does) still end up ahead.
Because he made more in income than he lost from the coin’s price change. Even now, when the market has been down throughout the year.

This is not hard stuff – it takes about a half an hour to an hour to get your crypto bots online. Dan feels it important that you know the full ins and outs of how to do that first – which will take a couple hours (in total) to train you on it. But the actual “doing” is simple and will only take you minutes, especially once your bots go live.

If you are a little bit hesitant investing real money, you can start with trading in a demo account (also sometimes known as paper trading), before you invest your own money.

Dan actually recommends starting with demo trading first. He will teach this in the course and give exact recommendations for settings to be implemented in DEMO mode so you can learn fully without risking your own money.

To learn how that’s possible,

By the way: even if you’ve never touched crypto, you should at least see how this works. Dan makes it easy to do and understand.

In fact, he said beginners who are ready to learn often do better with this than old pros with a bunch of bad habits. The Plan will teach you how to profit from crypto without having to go deep into it! the first session will teach you all the basics you need to know… And you don’t need to know much because “The Plan” is not about teaching you the ins and outs of crypto. The Plan will teach you how to profit from crypto without having to go deep into it!

This methodology is going to work for years to come. Dan has been perfecting this for the last 3 years and it’s only gotten better. Dan, this system, the software, and the strategies involved aren’t going anywhere.