Over the last 50 years one of the giant growth sectors in the economy has been the Financial Planning industry.

I am not anti-financial planning.

My issue with the industry is that it has grown directly proportional to the destruction of purchasing power that has taken place in the currency.

In other words, as the currency has been debased to the tune of 4% per year on average, the Financial Planning industry acts like a knight in shining armor because they create products that in theory will stay ahead of the pace of currency debasement that is occurring.

The problem with the entire financial planning industry is that they act as if the level of currency debasement that is occurring is normal. More importantly, I have never heard them address the cause of the currency debasement.

There is nothing normal about losing 4%-5% purchasing power every year. It is a silent tax on the part of the government.
It is theft. Everything becomes more and more expensive because the currency you are using to buy things with is becoming worth less and less.

Inflation is caused by government and their persistent and consistent reliance on the monetary printing press.

The only thing that this teaches people is to never trust cash and with time people lose trust in the institutions of government itself.

This is where we stand today after 51 years of FIAT money and an 87% loss in purchasing power of the U.S. dollar.

The solution is simple.

Secret to Effective Financial Planning: Protect Your Wealth with Real Money and Real Tangible Assets.

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