One of the greatest misinformation campaigns that has ever taken place has been perpetrated by the Financial Planning Industry.

Financial Planners are entrusted to help people plan for their retirements.
The reason retirement planning has become so vitally important is because currency is being debased at a record rate every year.

But what makes their planning toxic is the myth of equating the health of the stock market with the health of the economy.
In other words, if the stock market goes up the economy is healthy. This in my opinion is very dangerous logic.

Apply this exercise towards any good or asset and you will discover the same conclusion. FIAT in and of itself will never protect your purchasing power.

Here is what I mean, on August 15, 1971, President Richard Nixon shut the gold window and removed the U.S. dollar from gold convertibility. On that day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was trading at 856. Today it is trading at 33,700. This represents a hefty 3,837% increase over a period of 51 years.

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Until you do the same calculation in terms of Gold. On August 15, 1971, Gold was trading at $35 an ounce. Today it is trading at $1773 an ounce. That represents an increase of 4,966% or 1,281% MORE than the increase in the Dow Jones Industrial Average!

Don’t take my word for it. Do the math!

The Financial Planning industry is quick to point out all of the times over the last 51 years when Gold performed less than the stock market.

But this same Financial Planning industry never answers the question, of how you can assume the economy is healthy when in 2020 the pandemic led to an economic lockdown! What kind of smoke and mirrors logic is being used to try and convince you that stocks are safe when businesses are literally shut down?

The point that I am making is that GOLD has always and will always go against the grain of traditional thinking.

Everyone who believes in Central Planners claims to hate Gold, but it is the chieftains of Central Planning the Central Bankers who always hoard and own the most gold.

Makes you wonder. Why do Central Bankers all over the world continue buying Gold?

He who owns the gold has the peace of mind that their future purchasing power is protected.

Nuff Said.

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