Here is an interesting thought exercise that will impress upon you the difference between wealth and money.

I want you to imagine that everyone in the country wins $1 million dollars in the lottery.

Quick question. Is anyone really wealthier?

If everyone was a million dollars richer the only thing that would occur is that the prices of everything would spike massively higher because there was a ton more money chasing the same amount of goods and services. That by the way is the definition of inflation.

I want you to think about that very carefully as you decide how you are going to protect your wealth.


Because what happened over the past two years is very similar to the example of winning the lottery.

Over the last two years during the pandemic and economic lockdown, people were all sent checks, so they felt richer.
But since everybody got money the only thing that occurred is the inflation genie was released from the bottle.

Then the wake-up call arrived with INFLATION registering at 9.1% and the monetary authorities acting like they didn’t know how the inflation was created.

Pay Attention.
Listen Very Carefully.

When massive inflation occurs, there are only a handful of ways to protect your purchasing power.

You can’t do it with paper assets that are only backed by political promises.
The simplest and most effective way is through the purchase of GOLD bullion or converting your Individual Retirement Account to a Gold IRA.

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