I’m going to keep this article short.

The numbers below are taken straight from the Bureau of Labor Statistics which compiles the Consumer Price Index.

There are 51 years in this data set. We start in 1971 when President Nixon closed the Gold Window and run up to present time.

The average annual rate of inflation over the last 51 years has been 4.01%%.
We had one year of -0.04% in 2009 after the great financial crisis.
The largest annual inflation rate has been 13%.

50 out of 51 years inflation has risen.
Do the math. 98% of the time there is currency debasement taking place.

So, I’m going to make this super simple for you.
50 of of 51 years the inflation rate has increased EVERY YEAR on average 4% or greater.

Already this year we are above twice the average pace.

More importantly, do you remember what the Fed told us when they printed all that money?

1) It would not cause inflation
2) And then inflation would be minimal and transitory!

How do you plan for retirement with that kind of destructive trajectory of currency debasement?

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